In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I talk about picking and promoting Christmas (or holiday) deals for a cake or baking business. We talk about timeline what to offer and also marketing strategies on how to get sales. For both custom and corporate type orders.

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Show Notes

  • 100 Marketing tips (here).
  • Get a free Marketing Plan (here).
  • Timeline: For corporate orders (offices + businesses) for Christmas – start NOW (mid October). For rest of Christmas orders/packages – mid November.
  • What to offer? – 3 options / 3 price points (3 ‘levels’ of bronze, silver, gold) – that could be cupcakes, fruit cake/fondant cake, basket (give each level a cute name)
  • Marketing Plan:
    – Have a plan: decide on offer (1 or more), open and close date, check out competition.
    – Create + take photos (or use Pinterest pics)
    – Competition – to win 1 x of (here is how to run a Facebook competition)
    – 1 x weekly email newsletter (competition, announce, final chance)
    – 3 x weekly FB post
    – 1 x weekly share in FB groups
    – 1 x weekly share on personal FB page
    – Instagram post + use local tags
    – Gumtree
    – FB marketplace
    – Set a goal – $ or # of sales, make the commitment, what is reward
    – Schedule in calendar or diary!
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