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How to price cakes and make money (AND profit) in your cake business!

Are you wondering how much to charge for a cake?  Are you wanting to check your prices are what other people are charging (as you don’t want to undercharge or overcharge – charge too much, or even worse, not enough!)

 If you are looking to have a profitable business (and the key word here is Profit – making money), then charging the right amount for your cakes is important!
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Cake Pricing Guide
Wedding Cake
Pricing & Information
Cupcake Pricing Guide
3D & Sculpted Cake Pricing Guide
7 “Extras” to add value and increase price of your cakes

Business Tips

Whether you are thinking about starting a cake business or growing your existing cake business, our FREE business tips can help you!

10 Steps To Set Up
Your Cake Business
4 Facebook Strategies for
Your Cake Business
100 Marketing Ideas
Tips to Improve
Your Productivity
Tips on Providing
GREAT Customer Service
How to Choose Your Niche
for a Cake Business
Cake Business Email Templates

Free templates and tips on how to grow your cake business with email marketing 

Free Video Tutorials

Click to access our YouTube Channel – Angel Foods TV!  Great video tutorials on multiple cake decorating techniques

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Courses, eBooks, Video Tutorials

Angel Foods offers online subscription-based and stand-alone courses to help with everything from starting a cake business to growing an existing one.  You will also find eBooks on cake business topics and cake technique tutorials.

Cake Business Podcast | The Cake Biz Broadcast | Cake Business School


Listen to The Cake Biz Broadcast! The ultimate cake business podcast for cakers and bakers. Listen while you create your own masterpieces!

What Our Students are Saying

“Cake Business School was my motivation and my confidence to action my plans for a cake decorating business. Those plans would have stayed as dreams for years if it wasn’t for CBS. Rebekah provided solid information, practical how-to’s fantastic support. Do it! Just do it!”


“The pricing module is worth the enrolment fee alone, as I gained more confidence in pricing. Instead of undercharging, I am now charging like a boss. I also found the confidence in approaching customers and other businesses.”


“If you wanted to start or grow a cake business. investing in this training will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.”