In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I have 4 tips on pricing wholesale. How to price your cakes (cookies, cupcakes, baked items) selling wholesale to restaurants, cafes or caterers. Do you charge by % discount off the regular price? If not % percentage, how do you determined wholesale prices.

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Show Notes:

  • For wholesale as an overall rule of thumb I suggest about 15-30% discount of RRP.
  • That is because it depends on the product and how you can ‘batch’ them up and what your current profit margins are.
  • Tip #1 – Profit margins (or gross profit margins). Make sure you still make a good profit! 
  • Tip #2 – Quantity. Work out the best quantities in your working space and look at having minimum quantities.
  • Tip #3 – Batching. Batch your work and tasks, so that it makes the best use of your time. 
  • Tip #4 – Think of the (2) customers.What will the final RRP (price) will be on the product for the end customer? How much profit margins will your wholesale customer have (because that is what they will want to know.)

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