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I see the EXACT same mistake, over and over again.

I see how amazingly creative people suck at Cake Business 101. You want to sell anything to anyone.

Right? Wrong.

I love checking out other Cakers pages, photo’s, websites.  It’s Cake Porn, to me!  I love seeing how AH-MAZINGLY creative people who adore cakes, decorating, fondant, butter cream and they suck at Business 101. 

 When you start a business you have an aim.  A goal.  A mission. 

 You are happy to sell anything that is ordered and look at sweets, savouries, special diets, special K, what ever you need to GET MONEY in the bank.

Then the reality of needing orders.  Every single week hustling to get orders.

Under-cutting and under-quoting is rampid in this caking industry.

 The BIG Mistake?


(While it might be true you can take an order from anyone, what ISN’T working is the fact you AREN’T SPEAKING TO THEM.)

 Think about these statements below:

I sell cakes


I sell birthday cakes to busy mums.


I take orders for anything.


I take wholesale orders to café’s and restaurants with delivery services.


I can deliver anywhere.


I can deliver to Redland Bay, Cleveland, Capalaba and Bayside Region, Brisbane.


Which one speaks to your target market?

 That busy mum is going to say ‘’OMG, that’s me!  You are speaking to me.’’  That café is going to think ‘’oh, I really need some one that delivers!’’.  The customer in your area is going to say, ‘’yep, this is exactly the business for me.’’

 So, stating CLEARLY and EXACTLY who you cater to, what and where is the game changer.

Now, I want you to look at your website or Business Facebook page.  What does it say in the description?

 I’m going to guess for over 80% of Cakers it says something like, ‘’taking cake orders’’.  #facepalm  I bet you don’t even have the area/location/suburbs LISTED.  Most cake websites I look at, I don’t even know what STATE they are in.  I’m serious.

 You REALLY need to be talking more to your target market so people KNOW you are talking to THEM.

Target Market. Honestly, it is the foundation and the first building block to how to find customers and have a fully booked out diary.

To whom are you selling & why? Marketing and advertising to your target market on a budget and how to get consistent cake orders, every single week!

Your ‘Recipe’ for Writing:

What you sell + Benefits + Area (listing towns, suburbs and regions).

  • I take cake orders for birthday cakes, for time poor mums wanting something special in the West Brisbane area.
  • I design beautiful wedding cakes, for your special day, offering free samples for the Gold Coast.
  • I sell cupcakes, cakes, cake pops that are Gluten Free & Lactose Free in Townsville.

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help!

Want extra help?  Join Cake Biz Bootcamp!

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Growing a Cake Business | Getting Cake Orders | Cake Business Advice | Cake Business Tips | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

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Cake Business School | Cake Business Advice | Cake Business | Cake Business Tips | Cake Business Advice
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