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If you are having difficulty, struggling with how to start a cake business, where to start (find customers or find premises), how much money it will cost and what is the first step…

 I hear you.  The first step is the hardest, but you have done it and found me. You are in the right place!

10 Easy Steps For a Legal Cake Business

  1. Choose a business name.  Don’t over think this. Register the business name.
  2.  Australians also need to get an ABN (if you don’t already have one).  If you currently have one, you can ring and change the business name attached to the ABN.  Or to apply for an ABN, go here.
  3. Set up a gmail business email address.  yourbusinessname (at) is a perfect example.  
  4. A website on Weebly is perfect when starting out.  It is free, requires no technical skills and only takes 1 hour to be published.
  5. Order business cards from Vistaprint.  Put your name, phone number, (new) email address and website on them, with a pretty cupcakes picture, only costing $10.
  6. Practice baking and decorating.  Just as important as being a legal business, you want to have consistent results. Click here for a free cupcake decorating tutorial.
  7. Tools for starting a cake business, is cheaper than you think!  Most cake makers already have an oven, tins, fridge as well as mixing bowl and spatula, hand held beater and scales.  You do need canvas piping bags (Professional Thompkin brand).  The piping bags are $15 and nozzles are $1.50 each.
  8. Having a legal cake business means that your earnings (profits, income and expenses) are accountable to the tax office.  This simply means keeping all your receipts, as tax deductions, as well as a simple Excel spreadsheet that adds up income and expenses.  This is then given to your accountant at tax time. Here are 5 bookkeeping tips.

9.  To run a food business you require a Food License.  This is done through your local council health department.  

10. To sell cakes, especially at the markets, it is important to have Public Liability Insurance

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Legal Cake Business | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

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