In the cake (food + sweet) industry one question that gets asked a lot is: which is better, premix (or packet/box) or baking from scratch?

Scratch cake vs cake mix | scratch cake vs doctored cake mix | angel foods | cake business school

Do you get annoyed in the debate regarding “from scratch” or “cake mixes.” Or do you openly admit you use mixes or keep it a secret?

When starting a cake business it might be one of the first questions you ask yourself.

Don’t be fooled to think you have to bake from scratch. Did you know most bakeries bake from premixes? They do! I am a qualified baker + pastry cook and in independent bakeries, bakery franchises and supermarket bakeries … premixes.

Being a cake decorator and being a cake baker, that is 2 different skill sets.

I did a live video training inside my Facebook group Cake Business School about this very topic.

This can be a very hot topic, so lets talk about it!

 Scratch vs. Premix

Which is better?

Answer: it depends.

Ha! Answering this question is like answering the question how much is a cake!

 What feels most comfortable to you? What are you most confident to use?

The business of baking is about your business. It depends on your preference, personality type and skills set.

If you lovvveeee box cakes, then use box cake. If you have your grandmas famous vanilla cake recipe you were bought up on, then use that recipe.

You could also use both scratch + premix!

What About Quality?

So a packet mix vs. scratch, imagine a cheap no brand premix or expensive packet premix. That is likely to have 2 completely different products, right?

Imagine putting heap no brand chocolate or couveture chocolate in a mud cake. Two very different products.

While sometimes cheap ingredients can be good (like sugar!) but remember quality of the end product and the cake doesn’t necessarily have to do with cheap or expensive (quality) ingredients.

 Your business your rules

End of the day this is your business. No one can tell you how to run your business.

Whatever cake flavor, cake texture, cake shelf like and product you are looking for.

The end results you (and your customers!) are happy with!

And it is up to you whether you tell your customers. My only advice is that if someone asks, tell them the truth.

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Scratch cake vs cake mix | scratch cake vs doctored cake mix | angel foods | cake business school

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