What to Do & Where to Start Your Cake Business

Wondering what the first step is to getting a cake business going?  Whether it is cookies, sweets, cake pops … Is it easy or hard, or even do-able?

Are you looking for some simple answers to decide if it is the right business for you and feel excited (and a bit overwhelmed?)

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We get asked this question many times, as it always seems a little impossible and only ‘special’ or ‘lucky’ people can have a business.  That just isn’t true.

Business owners aren’t special people.  They are normal people, just like you and me.

The 8 Simple Steps to Setting up a Cake Business

It is all about starting…

1.) Choose a business name.  Don’t over think this, hon.  Keep it simple and it can be changed later.  Register the business name (in the US check your state’s Secretary of State website).

2.) US Businesses:  Get a Federal Tax ID #: IRS .  Australian businesses:  Get an ABN.  For a legal business in Australia and NZ, this is essential.  It only taken 40 minutes online and is free. 

3.) Get a website.  Weebly is your answer, as this free website service.  Super easy to use, no techy knowledge required and you can have a website within an hour.  Seriously.

4.)Create a business email address at Gmail. Takes 5 minutes and is free.

5.) Order business cards from Vistaprint or Uprint.  Yep, very low cost!  Takes 2-10, because choosing an image is fun (+ $10 for shipping).

6.) Get a Food License from your local food authority. This is easier than you think and costs approximately $400. Read more on Food Licensing here.

7.) Set up a Facebook business page.  This is da bomb for getting orders and creating interest.  Here is how to set up a Facebook page in 9 easy steps. Remember to share on your personal Facebook page and in groups.

8.) Sell Cakes – Book a market stall, approach Café’s and Restaurants for wholesale orders with free samples and tell you friends and family you are taking cake orders. They will be your biggest supporters.

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help.

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How to start a cake business | Cake Business Start up | Cake business advice | cake business tips | angel foods | cake business school

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