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Pinterest is perfect for marketing food businesses in as little as 10 minutes per day. My pinning (and repinning strategy) got me 5 times website traffic in as little as 6 weeks.

Why Pinterest?

It is where your target market are hanging out. It is a social media platform that is also a visual gallery or portfolio of your work and should be part of your online marketing strategy.

Spending 10 minutes per day or an hour per week can reap big rewards for your sweet business in regards to more website traffic, cake inquiries and orders.

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For years I had barely any Pinterest Strategy (only pinning from my website) and was getting about 1000 website sessions per month from Pinterest.

Four (4) months ago I got some great advice from my business mentor and her Pinterest Strategy. I implemented daily pinning and re-pinning of 30 pins a day, doing 50% my own pins and 50% others.

Within 3 weeks my traffic had increased 3 times (from 1K to 3K sessions for the month). And within 6 weeks my traffic had increased 5 times (to 5K sessions for the month).

This is when I had 2 pieces of content go ‘viral’ … with over 104K sessions in the next 2 months. All that traffic turned into email subscribers and some buyers of my products.

That is how I know that this Pinterest strategy works. Plus also the chance of content to go ‘viral’ is very cool.

Steps for Pinterest

  1. Create a business Pinterest account (not a personal one).
  2. Add ‘Pin it’ button to your website.
  3. Add chrome extensions and pin anywhere on the web.
  4. Pin all images from your website to your boards.
  5. Optimize pins – high quality (min 735 pix wide), picture title & description SEO keyword rich (200 characters), add website or logo to photo, give CTA, create long Pinterest pin as well!
  6. Aim for 50-70 Pinterest boards. Create boards for holiday or events during the year, like Christmas or wedding.
  7. Pin daily 30 pins. If possible hourly (can use a scheduling program like Tailwind & they have a free trial). 50% your own and 50% others
  8. Re-pin strategy – repin your own most popular pins daily (that already has the most repins). There are scheduling tools or apps (like Tailwind & they have a free trial). I also have free video training on how to use the Tailwind app here.
  9. Test the results. Read Pinterest analytics, delete the least popular boards after a couple of months, measure traffic to website with GA.

–Pin It For Later!!

How to use pinterest for cake business | Cake Business Advice | Cake Business Tips | How to Market Cakes | Angel Foods | Cake Business School



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