In the food industry of selling cakes (cupcakes, cookies, sweets) it is important to take really good photos.

Today i share how to take better photos of your baked or sweet goods, which helps sell more! Yay!

Now I will say that there is no complete substitute for a professional photographer!  Just as we are cake designers who have honed our craft, so have photographers.  However, if you are just starting out and you don’t have the budget right now to hire a photographer, I don’t want you to let “perfect” be the enemy of progress.

So with a few tips, you can at least take better photos, and then as you grow in your business, you can hire a pro later!  That’s what I did!

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When I started my cake business, I was really happy to take photos of my cakes and cupcakes on my kitchen counter – there were even dirty dishes or boxes in the background…YIKES.

They also had a horribly dark color with strands of lighter color through them. All of my photos were taken from (quite) high up, virtually looking down at my cakes and never on a cake stand!

After a while of this, I got a black cloth or fabric background and started taking photos on cake stands.

This actually made a world of difference but now I have improved even more!

Why? I knew in the back of my mind that the photos just weren’t doing the cakes justice, but I honestly didn’t know how to set up a studio, nor could I be bothered with finding the time between the mountain load of cake orders!

I came across a Craftsy class that really helped me out a lot!  I signed up for Carrie Sellman’s Beautiful Cake Photography class and it helped me so much!

Carrie highlighted some absolutely mint points on how to improve my cake photography and I am super jazzed about how my photos have improved!

As I said, there’s no substitute for a really talented professional photographer (I mean just look at the professionally done photos on my site!) I still have a long way to go until I get the ins and outs but my cakes are looking better than ever, and for now I have really learned a lot and I’ve had great feedback from my customers also.

 Honestly, I thought building a studio was going to cost me an arm and a leg.

It really hasn’t.

It cost me less than $75 for some backdrops and even some lighting. Again, not expensive.

I already had a frame for my backdrop and had some thin, two-sided MDF cut to size and purchased 2 hand clamps.

With the small off-cuts I will purchase some laminate so I can have different backdrops.

Honestly, I recommend taking a look at this Craftsy Class and see if it makes your cake photos better.  All, in as little as a weekend!

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Cake Business Advice | Cake Business Tips | Cake Photography | Better Cake Photos | Cake Business School

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