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How to price (charge or quote) in a cake business, to make money and a profit!

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Are you wondering how much to charge for a cake?  Are you wanting to check your prices are what other people are charging (as you don’t want to undercharge or overcharge – charge too much, or even worse, not enough!)


If you are looking to have a profitable business (and the key word here is Profit – making money), then charging the right amount for your cakes is important.


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How much would you charge for this cake?  If that question makes your head spin, struggle to come up with a number or you have no idea, (or just want to see what everyone else is charging!) you are in the right place!

For waayyyyy too long I have heard from Cakers (Cake Makers) –

 Is this you right now?  Be honest.

The #1 reason people under charge for their cakes, is lack of confidence.

I am here to help you. 

To help you make money from cakes.

To grow a profitable business.

To have a happy biz and life.

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Previously we have talked about how to price cupcakes and what to charge for 3D, larger, sculptured cakes, because there is nothing worse than undercharging or overcharging!

I highly, *highly* recommend you PRINT off and blu-tac it near your house phone or put it in your cake order diary.

#1 Tip When Quoting on Cakes

When quoting on a cake for a customer, check with the Pricing Guides and come up with a number.  Sit with this number for 5 minutes.  If you feel happy with it (that you will make a profit) then give the quote to the customer.

If a customer has rung up, don’t feel pressured to give a quote on the spot.

If you want to quote quicker {spend 5 minutes or less}, don’t over think this.

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help!

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How much to charge for cakes | how to price cakes | cake pricing help | angel foods | cake business school

We discuss and teach about how to price in Cake Business School‘s training module: How to Price Cakes, For Maximum Profit, With Confidence. From charging for profit (including pricing guides, cause you guys love them!) to looking at the future goals of your business.  If you want to save for a house, we are going to make that happen.

  • HOW to MAKE MONEY for your future big dreams.
  • What courses, products or CAKE-Y stuff you can SELL, to bring in more money
  • Includes Pricing Guide

It is only $1 for the first month, 100% money back guarantee in the first 30 days and cancel any time. Enroll in Cake Business School here.

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