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Mirror Glaze Cakes Tutorial | Shiny Cakes Tutorial | Mirror Glaze Recipe

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The latest craze to hit the caking world is the out-of-this-world shiny, mirror-like glaze and glazing effect. It is cool stuff!

Apparently these have been around for a long time and have come back into fashion (like miniskirts or bell bottom trousers. Dear sweet goodness, I hope they don’t come back!)

And I’ve created a Pinterest Board dedicated solely to these amazingly shiny cakes. From there I have put together some video tutorial and a recipe from around the interwebs … Now you can make your own mirror glaze cake.

Ohhh, and check out the top 9 mirror glaze cakes that I have been diggin’, rounded up for you over here.

Mirror Glaze Recipe

– 70 gm condensed milk
– 100 gm sugar
– 100gm syrup with glucose or syrup with sugar- 100 gm white chocolate- 60 gm water- 2 small spoons of gelatin


  1. First take gelatin with 60 gm of water and mix it.
  2. Take white chocolate and mix it in condensed milk and then put the gelatin mixed with water (the paste).
  3. Boil water and put sugar and the glucose syrup and boil it until it reaches temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and take few mins when it gets to 100 degrees like 103.
  4. Mix this into the previous mixture of white chocolate and all the above and use a blender to blend it.
  5. You can mix some color inside (if you wish).
  6. Mix this until you get a consistent color and mix and then leave it in fridge for 12 hours.
  7. After leaving in fridge, put it in microwave for a little.
  8. Then keep it standing for few mins until its room temp and then pour on cake (decorated with chocolate ganache or butter cream that is very cold.)

Note: According to this forum you can substitute corn syrup for glucose.

Glazing the Cakes

Watching people glaze the cakes is just mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Source: YouTube

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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube



Have you tried Mirror Glaze?  Share your tips!

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