How to grow a cake business, get customers, have fully booked out weeks and replace a full time income, making consistent (good) money!

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My *secret* of how I built my business incredibly fast) and had so many (too many!) customers, that I franchised the home cake business model at 9 months into business.

Which is unheard of…

But, my secret? How did I get so busy so quickly? Orders out the wazoo? Fully booked out AND making good money.

3 little secrets. Keep reading (& listening)…

Note – Oopps! There is a bit of wind noise in parts of the video. My bad!

Angel Foods Story ….

When I started I had just a simple dream. Not to work for some other tosser.  

How to Grow a Cake Business | How to Grow Your Cake Business | Grow a Cake Business | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

I wanted to earn enough to look after myself and sell cupcakes at the markets. 

Working 1-2 days per week plus a day of baking I could make decent money, until I got rained out. Or I had to buy a heap of ingredients or packaging and re-invest back into the business.

I actually got approached for my first wholesale order. She said bring in samples, but I want to order from you. I walked into another dozen cafes and restaurants and had some orders.

And from the markets and on Facebook, people started ordering birthday cakes from. At 6 months, I was *incredibly* booked out and working 6-7 days a week. 

Every week I made $1200+.

This is when I decided to Franchise. If I could grow this quickly with 3 income streams that give consistent (good) income, then I wanted to share with others how to do this … and give them some of my orders!

The 3 Secrets of Growing a Cake Biz Quickly:

I call these the Rainbow Layer Money Makers and is exactly what I taught Franchisees on growing their business.

By having a combination of 3 income streams you earn more money, build a larger customer base and get fully booked out.

While markets can be rained out, restaurants might order once a fortnight and birthday cake orders might be 5 orders in one week and then zero for a month. Baking cakes for 3 different customer bases gives you more stability and consistent income.


Insurance for your cake business | Selling Cake at markets | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

The beginning of Angel Foods success story was starting and selling at the markets.

You can set up on a very small budget, make good money (50%+ profit margins) and it is a great way of finding more customers, both wholesale and custom cake orders.


Selling to cafe’s and restaurants is another customer base.

Wholesale orders are a guaranteed order, a slightly smaller profit margin (around 30%) and money in the bank.

 Custom Cake Orders

How to price sculpted cakes | cake pricing tips | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

Being known as the cake lady, people will start naturally asking you for birthday cake, anniversary, baby shower, wedding cakes, etc.

This is considered the top end of the caking market, as it has higher profit margins (60%+) and usually more creative design.

 While building up your business name and gaining traction it is hard to rely on one source of income.

I teach (harp) on about what I have done myself, what I taught franchisees and hundreds of people in cake business.

Have multiple income streams!

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help.

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How to Grow a Cake Business | How to Grow Your Cake Business | Grow a Cake Business | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

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