Choosing the right name for your baking business will ensure you create the right image for your business. It will distinguish you from your competitors.

Everyone loves choosing their business name & for some reason when it isn’t ‘perfect’ they use this as a stumbling block. 

While a name is important, it isn’t as important as not starting and can very easily be changed later!

Choose a name for your cake business | Choosing a Business name | Cake Business Advice | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

When I started Angel Foods, the idea behind the name is that I wanted to cater to Gluten Free, etc so the food was suitable for all Angels.  (And I’m a little bit ‘alternative’.)  While the name isn’t exactly a good one, because it isn’t obvious what I am selling, it still caught on, over time.  I have since learned a more obvious name will lead to more sales.

 The secret is KISS.

 Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

This is one of my personal motto’s … Yep, sometimes I need reminding of this one, too.)

The name should be practical and easy to remember, as it will be talked about more often.  People are more likely to spend money when they are sure what is being sold.

Spend 5 minutes checking out your competitors.


You probably already know who they are.  Write down their names.  You do not want to have anything too similar, as to confuse your potential customers.

What is your business selling?

 Please don’t try and choose something really smart and play on words.

 For example: Brittany’s Enticing Treats. Your potential customer will be thinking… “What is that?  …. Hmmmm, not sure.  I don’t know what exactly she is selling, so I am going to move on.”

 Think about  ‘’The Cheesecake Shop’’.  What are they selling? 

 You may be thinking of several product lines to your business…

Brittany’s Cakes & Cupcakes

Brittany’s Events & Party Planning

Brittany’s Lolly Buffets

Brittany’s Cakes, Lolly Buffets and Party Planning

 So, Brittany has decided to go for ‘’Brittany’s Cakes & Cupcakes’’, which most accurately describes her intended business

 You can change your business name in the future.

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help.

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Choose a name for your cake business | Choosing a Business name | Cake Business Advice | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

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