Cake Trend: Fault Line Torn Buttercream Cake Recipe & Tutorial

The latest (& I think greatest) cake trend is the buttercream fault line cakes or otherwise known as torn buttercream.

With ‘cracked’ open frosting ‘exposing’ sprinkles or naked cake or layered cake…. well, it involves my 2 fav things: buttercream and cake!

Add sprinkles … and well, I’m head over heels in love.

I found these amazing cakes while on Facebook and found a quick video tutorial for you, too!

Use the classic ABC (American Buttercream) with either white cake or chocolate cake as a starting point and you can’t go wrong.

Torn Buttercream Fault Lines Tutorial

Source: HayleyCakes and Cookies A quick and easy video tutorial on how to achieve the torn buttercream or fault line look.

Doesn’t that look awesome! While sprinkle (may) get a little messy it is totally worth it! (I would decorate sprinkles over a large baking tray, so they fall in there.)

Top 3 Torn Buttercream Fault Lines

1.) White and Gold

Source: Pearl’s Creations White and gold are such a classic, timeless (& classy) color combo. With almost marble detail in the fault line, this cake is simply stunning.

2.) Donut Heaven

Source: Mummy Bakes Cakes As a self-confessed donut addict this one takes the cake! Perfect for kids or big kids at heart (me!)

3.) Naked Fault Line

Source: Stacked A naked fault line cake! Alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake adds a different wow factor, taking naked cakes to another level.

There you go! The latest cake craze. Are you going to have a go?


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