How to build your own cake website in less than 10 minutes and it’s free. Easy, cheap and good is what you want and today I have step-by-step instructions and video, that takes no technical knowledge, published (live) in 10 minutes!

For any business to be successful, a website is an absolute must.  When you are talking about your business, making new friends, at the markets or sharing with friends and family about your new business, the first question they will ask is ‘’Do you have a website?’’.

You want to be able to answer ‘’Yes!’’

Having your own website makes you and your business more professional, creates inquiries and orders & in the end makes you money.

When I started Angel Foods I had no money.  (I had just borrowed $1000 from my grandmother to start up the business.)

I knew I needed a website, but couldn’t afford to spend any money.

Worse still, I had very basic computer skills and can get very frustrated and cranky at the computer.  I thought, how is it even possible for me to have a website?

Then a friend mentioned this free website company, with easy-peasy templates and pretty colors.

Just an hour or so, later my website was live, didn’t cost me a cent and I was in business!  (And I kept this website for the 12 months, just added cake photo’s as I went.)

An Easy, Good, Free Website for Starting a Cake Business (& Seriously, Stress-Free)

From domains, server, hosts, security and the technical side to actually building it… Well, it can be overwhelming and confusing!

I know you want your cake business to look professional (and not look like a hobby).

Putting together a website is actually a lot easier than you think!

If you are just starting out, with a limited budget, tech knowledge and time, there is a website option just perfect for cake decorators and bakers!


Professional Websites for Cake Decorators – Quick + Simple

BiziChix has created an amazingly simple system for cake decorators to get a website… for FREE. Yep, you read that correctly.

BiziChix websites for cake decorators are good, easy and cheap! They are mobile responsive, easy to edit, includes website security and backup, SEO, have stock photos and include hosting and domain. 

It is a DIY option (similar to Wix, Weebly, Siteground, GoDaddy) but specific for cakers, bakers and sweet business owners.

With beautiful designs, perfect layout, plus they give you the content (what to put on each page!)

You can have a free website live in less than 10 minutes with minimal preparation.

Even if you are a hobby baker only taking the occasional order, you can afford a website – for ZERO dollars – you can’t go wrong! There’s nothing to lose.

Step 1. Choose your package and design

Go to (referral link). There are 2 themes to choose from.

Step 2. Enter your details

Personalize with your business name, logo, colors, contact details and social media accounts.


Step 3. Your website goes live

You can have your website online in less than 10 minutes, ready to promote your goodies.


BiziChix Website Details

Good, Easy, Cheap

These are good websites, easy and cheap

Mobile Responsive

Shows up well on a desktop, phone and devices.

Easy to Edit

To add and take away photos (and words!)

Security & Backup

Included and taken care for you!

Good SEO

Built on WordPress (dot org), Google loves WordPress and WordPress love Google.


The BiziChix website has free stock images (cake photos) for you to use.


BiziChix can host your website for free.


You can register your own domain, like a .com or .net (use a domain you already own or use a subdomain.  Choosing a Subdomain, (which is free), this means your website address will be – Choosing a domain, rather than Subdomain your website address will be –

Best Option: BiziFree is the best if your budget is extremely tight, the subdomain website would be your best option.  It means you have a website, you have got started, and you are still creating orders.

BiziBasic is the best option for your own domain (without the part of the address).

Also, all your website traffic will be automatically transferred to the new website, so you won’t lose any customers!  Woop, woop!

The take-aways?

  • You can have a free website that is easy, cheap and good in under 10 minutes!
  • Go to BiziChix and get a website today

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help!

Want extra help?  Join Cake Biz Bootcamp!

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