In this episode of Angel Foods Show, we talk the idea of starting a cake business is the easy (and fun) bit! But what do you need to do next… to get the $$$ moolah in. I have shared before on how I was fully booked out at 6 months into business. So busy I franchised at 9 months into business. Earned $40k in the first year. But have I told you how? And I didn’t have 1 custom cake order until 4 months, or so, into business. Did you know that? It’s true.

My business had a shaky start. And I’m going to share 4 steps on how I got fully booked out at 6 months into business.

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Show Notes

  • 4 steps to fully booked out in 6 months (here)
  • Selling cakes at markets & setting up a stall (here)
  • 9 steps how to get wholesale orders (here)
  • Pinterest Masterclass: How I Got 4 x times website traffic in 6 weeks
  • Websites 101: Where to start, what is the best-quickest-cheapest options &  what you need to know.
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