In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Kerryn Hunter from Photo Cake Australia. She talks about self-belief, a meandering, inspiring story of how she started with a dream and got off track, following what ‘others’ were doing and coming back to remembering that isn’t what she wanted in the first place! I think we all go through this (and is 100% essential). This interview is a beautiful story to remind you where you are on your business journey.

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Show Notes:

  • Find Kerryn at Photo Cake Australia and on Facebook here on Instagram here.
  • Here’s a link to the Fish edible images mentioned (here).
  • The football example talked, here is an example of editing for a dolphin cake topper which shows the difference between just printing versus enhancing/editing that Kerryn likes to do (here).
  • Invested in edible printing setup in 2014.
  • Sells via Facebook, eBay, markets and website.
  • Getting started with chocolate transfers and pre-cutting edible images.
  • 4 Facebook business page strategies to get clients (here).
  • Marketing a business is a struggle in business. Grab a list of 100 cake business marketing tips (here).
  • Hard lesson – make sure your website hosting auto-renews! I use and recommend Siteground for website hosting.
  • 11 tips to pimp your Instagram and get orders from Instagram (here).
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