In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Lou Finn from Bake To The Future. As a self-confessed nerd, she specialises in nerdy and fandom cakes (think Marvel, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.) She now gets very booked out, and rocking wedding fairs, taste testing consultations and has bookings for 2020. Yeah, you are going to love this!

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Show Notes:

  • You can find Lou from Bake To The Future on Facebook, and on Instagram.
  • Wedding fair expo setup (here).
  • 18 tips for setting up wedding expo and fairs (here).
  • Getting orders from Facebook groups (here)
  • It took 2 years to get WOM and referrals to be the main marketing and getting fully booked out.
  • Uses Instagram like an eBlog. Here s an article on how to get cake orders from Instagram.
  • Booking taste testing consultations days.
  • Listen to podcast episode 50 on other ideas on running taste testing day (here on  iTunes and here on the website).
  • Lord of the Rings cake (here).
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