In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I re-interview Krystle Armstrong from Magnificent Mouthfuls. We interviewed her back in Episode 57 sharing her 3+ years in business, working less than 40-hour p/w and $5,000+ months. (Inspiring, right?!?) And I wanted to catch up to see how business was going. She shared how she gets lonely and was looking for jobs and quitting her day job! And now, she is on track for $6,000+ months. Yeah, you are going to love this!

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Show Notes:

  • You can find Krystle and Magnificent Mouthfuls on the website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.
  • Listen to Krystl’e first interview (here).
  • Income goal of $72,000 per year and $6,250+ months.
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