In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Christina from A Little Bit Fancee in Melbourne, Australia. After a few years in business, she started feeling stuck in a rut. After advice from a business coach started selling macaron classes and loves it! Christina gives amazing tips and tricks on how she sells her classes.

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Show Notes:

  • Find Christina at and on Facebook here on Instagram here on Twitter here and on Pinterest here.
  • Starting to lose mojo or passionand felt stuck in a rut.
  • A business coach pointed out ideas right in front of her. (Here are 10 reasons why people with a business mentor/coach see results.)
  • Now teaching Macaron classes in Melbourne (here). Taking bookings online, booklet, students online group, 4-hour classes, groups and private. Each class she took feedback and learnt something different and improved each time.
  • Christina’s goals is to teach classes worldwide and look at selling classes online.
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