In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Stephanie Close from Stephanie’s Cakes. She shares her ‘secrets’ of how she has 10 cakes per week, less than 6 months in business, with 2 kids under 4 years old! I love her mindset of it isn’t a fail but good practice. Plus we talk goals, pricing better, family time, baking schedules, expo and the eternal struggle with pricing and being own worse critic and it is always a constant learning exercise.

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Show Notes:

  • Taking pricing – starting ”guess-timating”, checking the competition, going middle of the range, working with customers budgets, asking customer feedback, raising prices and lastly trying, testing, tweaking, repeating and all building confidence. There is Pricing for Profit training inside Cake Business School.
  • Goals – including starting and selling at markets and expos. If you are wanting to do this too, check out this free video training on how to get more cake orders + more sales on the day.
  • Getting more wedding cake orders, practicing and looking at doing expos. Here are 4 tips to get more wedding cake orders.
  • Advice for cakes – use the correct tools, be gentle with yourself and be a legal business.
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