In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Kristine Mohan from Sugar Chic. We talk about marketing, pricing, registering her business, wedding cake tastings, and ideas for her business. Kristine talks about her advice for business, the 3 P’s- planning, preparing and practicing and is kinda on a personal mission to share this. We discuss her business plan and targets, setting realistic expectations and boundaries. Plus her struggles in creative freedom and how to overcome it.

Kristine is an enrolled member of Cake Business School. The Angel Foods Show is brought to you by the Cake Business School. It is only $1 to enroll and learn how to price + market + sell your sweet items. Enroll here –

Show Notes:

  • Getting home cake business registered
  • Different target markets
  • Marketing that is working for Kristine – WOM, Facebook, freebies in playgroups and the Marketing Plan 101 training inside Cake Business School.
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