In this episode of Angel Foods Show, I interview Krystle Armstrong from Magnificent Mouthfuls. This is an incredible + inspiring story where Krystle earns $5000 per month selling cakes and is on track for $6k p/m! She shares how she markets her business (gets customers) how she use to suffer from procrastination and shares her new work life balance and how she is achieving it (including her time line and schedule).

Krystle shares her goals (including money ones) and how she achieves them. There was even a time when she lost passion for her business and she shares how she got her passion back! Honestly, this chic is cool. And I love her. I think you will too

Show Notes:

  • Herei s when Krystle shared about losing her passion for her cake business and here is her article on how she got her passion back
  • From 1 cake per week to 3-4 p/w consistently in 12 months to 5-10 cakes p/w in 12-24 months of business to nowadays getting 20 cake orders a week. Consistently
  • Feeling lonely, stressed and juggling it all. And what she did about it.
  • $57k per year income goals and profit margins of 67% (and what she does to achieve that)
  • Starting to sell digital products, like a recipe book and ‘Cake Business Templates + Guides‘ paperwork bundle
  • If you want Krystle to do your social media + content marketing for you, she can! Sign up heret o find out Krystle’s package + prices, and you get immediate access to the PDF attachment.
  • You can find Krystle and Magnificent Mouthfuls on the website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.


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