Meeting new people at the markets, the first question I am generally asked is ‘’Are you on Facebook?’’

Whether it is other stall holders, customers or other business people, it will come up in conversation in the first couple of minutes.

Why is that?
Personally, Facebook has been used for my business, since the start & is without a doubt the Number #1 reason for my success. (Yes, there is hard work and quality product and service, which are all extremely important.)

Start a Facebook Business Fan Page | Cake Business Advice | Social Media and Cake Business | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

Facebook creates sales.

Which creates money. Which equals a growing and successful business.

At various times, over 80% of my cake sales have come directly from Facebook!

It is no longer a question of “Should you be on Facebook?’’ but rather “Why are you not on Facebook?’’

Over the past couple of years, social media, and specifically Facebook, has exploded with business pages. It is essential, absolutely critical that you & your business are on Facebook.

I understand if you aren’t on Facebook, personally. If you only check in, say once a week, to just catch up with friends and family. (Honestly, I highly respect that, as Facebook addiction is a growing.) But if you are in business and want to succeed in business, then your business needs to be on Facebook.

Here is an article about social media and where to start with your cake business.

Facebook ranks you & your business HIGHER in Google Search Engines!

Not only is Facebook where –

  • Customers to contact you
  • build a relationship with your followers
  • People see photo albums of your products
  • Creates another level of customers service
  • You can use marketing strategies (and all the above are important)
  • BUT you also rank higher in Google Search Engines!

As Facebook is the Number 1 visited site in the world, it automatically has a high ranking with the Google robots. By adding your business onto Facebook, you are almost ‘’riding their success waves’’, for more customers to be able to find you easier!

Social Media and Cake Business | Social Media & Cake Business | Social Media & Cakes | Social Media and Cakes | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

Where to Start?

To create a Business Page (or a Fan Page), you first must have a personal Facebook page.

If you don’t have a personal page, you need to sign up at It is a very quick 2 step process, requiring only your email address.

(Note – Facebook does restrict personal pages to just 1 person per email address.)

Once you have created your personal page, from there you create a business page. You can have more than 1 Business Page from your personal page.

Starting a Facebook Business Page in 9 Easy Steps

  1. From your personal page, at the top right hand corner is a ‘down ward’ arrow. Click that. It gives you different options but, go down to ‘Help’.
  2. Type in, ‘’How to Create a Fan Page’’.
  3. Click link on ‘’How to Create a Page’’.
  4. Options are provided for what type of business you have. (Local business, company, brand/product, public figure, entertainment, cause.) The local business option would best suit a Cake Business Fan page.
  5. Choose type of business & business name (make sure your business name is obvious that you sell cakes)
  6. Tick the box ‘’I agree to Facebook Terms & Conditions’’.
  7. Upload an image as your profile picture. If you haven’t got a digital logo (as yet), use a photo of your cupcakes.
  8. Facebook will automatically prompt you to invite friends at this stage. It is recommended not to, at this stage, as you want to add more details and photo’s first, before inviting people over to ‘Like’ your page.
  9. Add website address, if you have one. (You can add later, if you wish.) Fill in the ‘About’ section for your Fan Page.

You are done! This is very much your ‘First Draft’, so to speak. Additional details and photo’s need to be added to the page, as well as write some status updates letting people know what you do.

After that stage, start sharing with your friends & families your new page.

Again, the Facebook ‘Help feature’ will help with this and will automatically connect with your email address and personal page friends, to help build your ‘Fan base’.

Remember, use Facebook as a medium to connect and build relationships with your customers.

If you come across as 100% sales, people will become less interested.

Facebook new timeline, has reduced the business pages visibility to customers, is to encourage businesses to spend money using sponsored posts and Facebook advertising and sponsored posts.

Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads

To do a Facebook Ad Campaign well, means a lot of trial and error, with $2000 potentially out the window.

For training module on Facebook advertising, head over and enroll in Cake Business School.

New Facebook Timeline Must Do’s

#1) I suggest you find Facebook Groups and Noticeboards to share about your new business. This will start people awareness of your new business and coming to your page.

#2) Once you have them on your page & ‘Liking’, you need to get their attention, quick! Even though they have liked your page, your posts are still going to be lost in the newsfeed. Set up an App (Application) on your Fan page, offering them an amazing deal or something for free. So, it could be a free recipe, 20% off next purchase or 6 free cupcakes for their birthday!

Look at Facebook as another extension or platform as your business but not your main business.

Remember, if you are starting out or growing your cake business, I am here to help.

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Start a Facebook Business Fan Page | Cake Business Advice | Social Media and Cake Business | Angel Foods | Cake Business School

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