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Hot wedding trends to watch for in 2023!

Every year, wedding trends change and as cake designers it’s so important to have our fingers on the pulse!

For my own baking business, I have a listing on (The Knot & Wedding Wire) to market my wedding cake services and they are always a great resource for keeping wedding industry professionals in the know!

I wanted to share some of their predictions for the 2023 wedding season with you all before you’re up to your elbows in buttercream 😊. While these trends aren’t specifically about cake, you’ll still find these valuable when coming up with unique designs for your brides!

Wedding Décor Trends:


When I was a little girl, I couldn’t get enough of the iconic Mattel doll and now she’s the inspiration for a hot new fashion trend, which is of course spilling over into the wedding industry!

What is Barbiecore, exactly? It’s a feminine pretty-in-pink aesthetic that’s been storming the fashion world and is even seen in the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year (Viva Magenta)!

This does bring back memories of Shelby’s wedding from the movie, Steel Magnolias (remember her wedding colors of blush and bashful?)

I do love pink so I hope I get to do some Barbiecore weddings this year!

Here are a few pink wedding cakes I’ve found for inspiration:

Image Source:


Image Source:


Image Source:



I love these beautiful creatures! Symbolizing transformation, what could be better to incorporate into wedding décor?  How amazing would it be to release butterflies after the vows?

On a cake, there are many ways to add this element – I like to create edible butterflies with colored wafer paper and add hand-painted details for that extra touch!

Here are a few ideas for cakes with butterflies that I found:

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source:


Western Décor

Being from Wyoming, I grew up with a lot of Western-themed décor around and I have seen some really beautiful weddings with this theme over the years.  Looks like Boho designs (which have been a staple for quite some time) may need to make room for western motifs!

For cake designs, think of lots of texture and neutral color palettes.

Cake ideas:

Image Source:

Image Source:


I actually created a Boho chic / Disco wedding cake design near the end of 2022 and now the disco theme seems to be catching on!

Disco balls, bright colors and some sparkle make for a fun reception, so why not go all out?

Cake ideas:

Image Source:

Image Source: Snarky Sweet Cake Chick

Stay tuned for future posts where I’ll share more design trends for 2023.

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What types of wedding designs have you seen for this year?  Share your thoughts in the comments!



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