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Cake + Business + Marketing is my jam…

Rebekah Allan | www.angelfoods.net

 If it has to do with cakes, marketing or making money, I can help.

You’re here because –

a)    you have no idea of how to get a cake biz started or what to do?

b)    you feel frustrated in your sweet business, because you can’t see return on investment?

c)   Business is crazy, you have work coming out your ears, wondering how you can do it all?’’

d)    Marketing, Lead Generation and Passive Income intrigue you.

e)    you want to know “what is a Cake Business Specialist?” and just checking this Rebekah chick out, in all honesty.

*Woot! Woot!*  All the above are correct.  Read on!

Hi, I’m Rebekah, and I believe anyone can make great cakes. With positive support + cake biz know-how unlocking your passion.

Through high quality, easy to understand, actionable information and courses, I teach women how to build their sweet business dream.

it is my goal to help Cakers grow their own cake business, so that it is profitable and fun.  It is your dream, turned into reality with some help along the way…

( … Here’s who I really am)

Rebekah Allan |Cake Business Coach | www.angelfoods.net
I’m a country girl from Proserpine, North Queensland, now living in Brisbane.  I am an introvert who loves to dress up and has a knack for (and have qualifications for) cakes and sweets.  I spent 10 years in a bakery before starting Angel Foods (cake biz) in 2010.

Rebekah Allan | Cake Business Coach | www.angelfoods.net
I love cuddling my man, eating truck loads of vegetables, and learning and curling up with a book.  I love drinking tea (ummm, with cupcakes), David Attenborough, hand written notes, going to bed early.  A good day is pyjama day, with cookies and a movie.

Everything happens for a reason.  If it doesn’t work, change it.  Words I live my life by.

Who is Rebekah?  My (slightly) Unusual Story…

There was no such thing as an overnight success.  Numbers don’t mean anything, when actions can speak louder than words.

  • At 13 yo I started work at our small town bakery.  I worked there 10 years.
  • Worked in a male dominated industry, on night shifts, completing an Apprenticeship as a Baker and Pastry Cook.
  • Kinda proud of the fact I finished the Qualification in 2.5 years.
  • Coming back to my love of food and cakes.  With no money, no job and no home, I started a cake business.
  • 9 months later, I had franchised my business model and had 1st franchisee.  Yep, super doper crazy.
  • Got to really know my strengths – a teacher.  I found my naturally rocking cake teaching skills in both decorating and business.
  • Cake Businesses is fire in my belly and happiness to my soul.

Think of me like a mentor or life coach (or my personal fav, a PT, Personal Trainer for your cake business!)


Here’s how I know what I am talking about.

Since starting a cake business in 2010, franchising in 2011, signing 12 Franchisees (in 2 years), on YouTube Angel Foods TV Channel has over 9 000+ Subscribers and 1 200 000 + views, over 11 000 on the email list, 10 000 Facebook fans, created & written eBooks + eCourses, launched 3 websites, Amazon #1 Best Seller Kindle Book, this website that gets 230,000 hits per month highly targeted traffic, with Google ranking #1.

Well, wholly cow.  That’s a whole lot of good cake juice.

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Rebekah Allan | Cake Business Coach | www.angelfoods.net/about-contact

Who do I help?

From new-bies, YouTube superstars, food blogger wannabies, cake celebrities, bakery business owners, shop fronts, decorating & equipment shops, and cake decorators, qualified, hobby-ists and entrepreneurs.


Start Ups

Is it even possible to have a cake business – with food licensing, registering, and all that jazz.  It’s all so overwhelming and honestly struggle with confidence.  When you need 1,2,3,4,5 steps, this is for you.


Bakeries & Shop Fronts

Exhausted and yet knowing need more in your business.  Staffing, more customers, update website, smart marketing, passive income, social media strategy, Franchising, CRM/database system, online shopping cart, automated emails and subscriber list…. this is for you.


Cake Decorators

Cementing yourself as an expert in your field, as the ‘Go To’ Person for what you are awesome at.  Because you don’t want to be the book keeper/house cleaner/admin/superwoman anymore. It’s time to uplevel your business as the profitable money making machine that you know it truly is.  This is for you.

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Work With Me

Don’t know (exactly) what you want, but know things have to change?

I am open to:

  • business consulting – mentoring – coaching session/s
  • sponsored posts
  • affiliates and joint venture partners
  • collaboration
  • contributing writers on this blog
  • myself writing for your blog
  • advertising
  • giveaways
  • working together

Fill in the form below with what you are interested in or head over to the Work With Me page.

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