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I help cake makers start + grow their dream business, one step at a time.

Cake + business + marketing is my jam.  Helping Cakers, Bakeries, Entrepreneurs and food lovers make more money then you are in the right place. I help … Read more.

  • Julie2 round

    A huge THANK YOU to Rebekah.  I found the eCourse very helpful and amazing value for money.  You answered lots of questions I had about starting my own cake business from home (and also some questions I didn’t even know I would have!)

    I look forward to opening your emails every day to see what was the next step. You made it so easy.  My cake business is off and running!


  • img_testimonial

    The eCourse was more than I could of expected.  It covered the foundations of setting up my dream business and I had daily activites to do, which helped keep me on track (and I need this!) as I loose direction and focus easily. Rebekah is always helpful at answering questions and us cake lovers are just drawn to her!


  • Rebecca round

    This is the second online cake course I have done.  You have made it easy for me to complete as you emailed me everyday and I took notes of what needed to be done that day before we moved on to the next.

    Now without your emails and the motivation that they give me everyday I would still me sitting here thinking how do I do this. I have now gotten into a routine, I have already done a lot more smaller orders for my friends which then in turn gave me two big orders!  I wouldn’t have thought to do that without your emails and eCourse!